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These were very popular for a while and still can be found fooling people after all these years.  There is no real fossil bone here, just an epoxy putty (like Bondo) creation attached and made on a genuine blank matrix rock slab.  In the photo below, you can see the sloppy work where some voids and bubbles exist amongst the carving of the "bone".  Also, the tan color of the Bondo matrix in the skull openings is a different color than the gray stone base it is on.  The matrix in these two areas would be the SAME color if this was genuine.  After this was sculpted and carved, it was painted.  This FAKE was sold as being 100% authentic and guaranteed.  Regardless, the unsuspecting buyer is unaware that they now proudly showcase a total fake in their collection!


The Chinese sure have fossil formations full of very artistic fossils!  Actually, this "cute" double frog fossil is a total FAKE - carved in the rock, stained and then sealed with glue to blend and disguise the work.  Many times Chinese fakers will make multiple fossils in "friend / lover" or "mother and baby" themes in order to appeal to the ignorant buyers looking for "pretty" items.  (SEE THE NEXT TWO ITEMS BELOW)  This is another total FAKE sold as GENUINE!


Genuine specimens of these are never so artistically and perfectly posed together in nature.  Both creatures are painted on a blank rock slab lacking any real fossils.  Meant to appeal to those that want artful-looking fossils.


Another FAKE "companion" double fossil with an artistic theme.  BOTH turtles have been carved on a rock slab and then stained and sealed to appear genuine.  Note anatomical inaccuracies as well as asymmetry in skull openings, bone shapes / sizes.  Color of bones is also very artificial-looking and differs from the resin and glue carapace.  EVERY one of these you see for sale will be FAKE.

Below is a common turtle fake fossil from China that has been around the market for quite some time.  The technique to make these utilizes epoxy putty similar to auto body filler.  The animal is sculpted, textured and carved before the putty cures, and then painted and sealed.  The same process to make these is also used on the CROCODILE SKULLS shown at the top of this page.  The pink tone you see in these "fossils" is not genuine matrix but the color of Bondo auto body epoxy putty.  The gray region on the edge of the rear is where the putty was sanded down too far, went beyond the pink Bondo putty layer and ran into the gray color rock base. 

Note photo below of the skull which lacks the proper shape, texture and definition of genuine bone.  Like the CROCODILE SKULLS FROM CHINA, THIS TURTLE IS A FAKE.

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